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Tcho Dark Chocolate “Nutty”

Tcho - Nutty

This is the second bar I received from belpo last summer. tcho is a chocolate company based in San Francisco. Their chocolates are fair trade and produced from bean to bar by themselves.
This bar here contains 65% of cacao from Ecuador. The “nutty” bar tcho describes on their homepage is from Peru, so I assume mine is a little older.


The ingredients of the bar are: cacao beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla beans. The promised flavours are roasted nuts, hints of espresso and toasted malt.


The wrapping is nice, again. Simple, and you can rewrapp the bar easily again.


And the patterns on the chocolate bar are also rather special, although the same as on the “citrus” bar from tcho.


The aroma of the bar is promising, chocolatey and interesting. The taste is also lovely, and at times it does taste like a bar that contains nuts. The chocolate is acerbic and strong with the right amount of sweetness. Together with the perfect smooth texture, it is lovely.
But I fear I have no need to rewrapp the bar again. It will be gone soon. (And SF is too far away)

Tcho - Nutty

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